The Agricultural Science Club

Do-Estdot International School encourages our students that have keen interest in Agriculture by providing a reasonable size of arable land for agricultural practical (cultivation of any sort of crop). The school also provides a place for reading of snails, to encourage the students and enlighten them on snail rearing.

The fishery part of our school farm is designed with modern fishery materials, for the students to be familiar with the new and modern ways of rearing fish. Students rear and harvest fish at the end of the day to know how the business works. One of the most interesting parts of our school farm is the rabbit hutch, which encourage students and allow them have knowledge on rabbit rearing.

In 2015/2016 academic session, our students in ss2 class planted, nurtured and harvested maize crop. They also planted a vegetable crop, which was well nurtured to the stage of harvest.

The ss1 students of 2015/2016 academic session also planted spinach, which was well planted and nurtured by these wonderful students.

In other areas like fish farming, snail rearing, rabbit rearing, poultry and livestock farming, the school allow all students in the Agricultural science club to have access to these animals that was provided by the school, so as to observe the nature and development of these animals. Students took active part in the feeding and ensuring hygienic environment for these animals.

All these above mentioned activities of the Agricultural science club are basically to encourage and broaden the knowledge of our students that have interest in any branch of agriculture. The school has the aim of producing young energetic, educated, brilliant farmers that will feed the nation and contribute to the development the ofthe economy of our great country, NIGERIA through Agriculture.