Special Education Needs

(School Curriculum)

Our curriculum is structured in such a way to meet the individual learner’s need. We are blessed with qualified and well trained instructors with degrees of exposures and experiences assigned to each or group of learners in realizing the stated objectives.

The goal emphasizes skills that will enable learners become independent and successful in both the short and long terms. The instruction plan breaks down designed skill into manageable steps to be taught from simplest (for example, imitating single sounds) to more complex (for example, carrying on a conversation).

The school programs are developmentally appropriate and target a broad range of skill areas such as communication, sociability, self care, play and leisure, motor development and academic skills. It also covers reinforcement for demonstrating useful skills and socially appropriate behaviours. The learners receive no reinforcement for behaviours that pose harm or prevent learning.

Frequent review of learner’s progress for detail information about each child’s progress serve as a tool to make necessary procedure adjustment and goals when needed.