Jets Club

JUNIOR ENGINEERS, TECHNOLOGISTS AND SCIENTIST (JETS) CLUB is a platform where students apply the theory learnt in science subjects including Mathematics for the production of goods that are of great benefits to man.
It aims at explaining the hidden causes of environmental problems and offer possible panacea from various scientific and technological points of views.
The motto of the club is “Raising the world’s reformers”.
The objectives of the club are:

- To prepare students for high level of reasoning, imagination and manipulation of data that leads to appropriate judgment.
- To help students in building up their abilities to analyze and solve scientific problems using their basic knowledge.
- To teach students to acquire practical skills which would be of great value to their future employer or to the students as future entrepreneurs / inventors..

The club has a tradition of embarking on at least a major project in a term. Intra and inter – school project exhibitions are also a part of the clubs’ activities. The club has in the past worked on the Arduino project, produced solar oven, continuity tester, simple periscope, antenna and picnic chairs.