Do-Estdot International School was founded by Mr. Idowu Ogunbayo and Mrs. Esther Ogunbayo in September 1998. The College was incorporated in September 2006.

As parents to two hearing-impaired children we experienced, first-hand, the discriminatory level of education that was available to students like our children. Uncomfortable with the quality of education available to our daughters, my husband and I decided to build a school offered quality education without regard to how a student learns or perceives the world around them.

In this effort, we have graduated several students who have gone on to contribute to society. My first daughter is completing her second masters in special education and my second is a Civil Engineer with the National Institute of Health.

Last year, a few of our hearing-impaired students gained admission to the prestigious Rochester Institute of Technology, NY. Of all our accomplishments, transforming the way our students see the world around them, one where they have the power to change and re-write their destiny, has been the most rewarding.