From the Headteacher’s Desk

(Crèche, Nursery and Primary School)

Welcome on board to Do-Estdot International School (Nursery and Primary), a school that takes into cognizance the three domains of the pupils’ development that is the Cognitive, Affective and Psychomotor.

The Primary section of the school comprises of the Crèche, Pre-school and the Primary.

We give qualitative education and create an avenue for children to express their creative abilities. Through cohesive efforts of our highly trained and focused team, the curriculum is effectively conveyed to the learners.

At Do-Estdot International School, we strongly believe and focus in the total development of the child’s cognitive, affective and psychomotor domains. We provide variety of skills and values to children so they can withstand any form of challenges in future learning.

Despite the fact that there is so much moral decadence in the society, our pupils are of high moral standard because we have taken it upon ourselves to instil moral values into our pupils’ through moral instructions and adequate monitoring of their speeches and actions.

Our staff are carefully selected, highly qualified and competent. They undergo training and re-training programmes to keep them informed of the various changes, development and new discovery in the educational sector.

Our school provides a breath of equal opportunity in which children can develop their potentials within a very strong and supportive frame-work. We have conducive environment for teaching/learning.

Our ultimate desire is to produce generational leaders who would be God fearing with innovative leadership skills that would create a positive impact in the growth and development of our beloved country Nigeria and the entire globe.

We encourage Parents/Guardians to feel free to discuss with the school on issues bothering them as it affects their children/wards’ development bearing in mind that together we raise a total child.

We look forward to having you and partnering with you in building lives that will in the nearest future contribute to the development of our great country Nigeria and the world at large.

For more information, contact us through these numbers: 08164021382 / 08138345023 and 08161309449.

Thank you for visiting our website and be part of this great citadel of learning.

Mr. Alfa S.Peter.