Boarding Facilities

Our facility is designed to develop the individuality and leadership skills of our students.

Do-Estdot International School is designed for both residential (boarding) and non-residential (day) students.

Our boarding facilities allow students to be trained in doing house chores every morning, which is geared towards developing personal hygienic lifestyle. There are Hostel Administrators who are amiable, thorough-bred professionals who serve as parents and mentors to the boarders. The Hostel Administrators also provide emotional and academic support needed by students to achieve academic excellence.

All girls are expected to either plait their hair or wear a low haircut and all boys are expected to wear a low haircut.

The hostel life is engaging. The boarders are occupied with activities (sports, extra-curricular activities, science projects). These activities are specifically selected to help nurture an environment of intellectual growth, creativity, community service and leadership.