College Admission Guidelines

Our Peculiarity
Do-Estdot International School is able to offer an excellent opportunity to both hearing and hearing impaired learners. We are able to accomplish this because our environment was built with each type of student in mind.

Dates of Admission
Students are admitted in September every year. If a student is being transferred from another school or country, admission is conditional on such student’s performance and availability. There is an admission limit of 25 students per class in both Junior and Senior Schools.

Assessment Strategy
All prospective students from age 10 and above (for Junior Secondary School) and age 14 and above (for Senior Secondary School) are assessed according to a set of pre-determined subject criteria (English language, Mathematics, Comprehension and Summary skills) to determine the student’s ability and aptitude. In the case of a hearing impaired student, a test of sign language will also be administered.

The assessment into the Junior Secondary School is usually administered in April, May, June and July. The determined dates are normally communicated to the prospective students a month prior to the exact date.

Senior School Students will sit for the school entrance exam in Mathematics, English & a related core subject to their field of study. In addition, test of sign language will also be administered if the prospective learner is hearing impaired.

Requirements for assessment
The parent/guardian of a prospective student needs to purchase admission form at N5,000, complete and return the admission form with:

  1. Photocopies of previous school reports/final assessments,
  2. Photocopies of international passport/ birth certificate/sworn affidavit
  3. 2 copies of passport size photograph

Depending on the outcome of the assessment, shortlisted candidates will be interviewed.

Once a child is offered admission into Do-Estdot International School, the parent/guardian needs to:

  1. Collect a letter of admission for his/her child(ren) from the School Office.
  2. Proceed to pay school fees and other required fees.