About Doestdot School

DoEstdot School is a vibrant learning community sensitive to the needs of different types of students.

Founded in 1998, DoEstdot is one of the most successfully integrated schools in Nigeria. It is fundamental to its mission that people’s individuality ought to be identified, celebrated and refined because only a self-aware citizen can move a nation forward. As a highly integrated school, all its students [hearing included] are fluent in American Sign Language and aware of the diversity that exists in todays’ world.

Consistently operating at their ever-growing peak, these students contribute to the atmosphere that seeks to breed thinkers and doers. And by continuously working with its immediate and distant community, DoEstdot is making its unique education accessible to students from a broad range of backgrounds as it strives to make the world a better place by making the most of its students.

DoEstdot employs innovative management principles that ensures a productive relationship between parents, teachers and students. This result, is an academic environment that is intellectually stimulating and conducive for self-awareness, DoEstdot is staffed with passionate and driven professionals in its management team, tutorial and non-tutorial and supportive professionals, who appreciate the honor to be part of the future of Nigeria.